Meet the Monsters of Web Design

So who are these monsters? Here are some of the worst offenders:
An illustrated robot destroys a city landscape


Research does not compute. This expert already knows what users want, and it’s an auto-rotating image carousel with muzak that plays on page load.

Content Rot

You’ve neglected them since 1997, when they were pasted directly into a WYSIWYG from WordPerfect. Now all those pages of dead content are back and out to eat your entire web project alive.

A green illustrated group of zombies
A multi-tentacled illustrated monster rips apart a city.


There’s a QR code on every piece of swag in your marketing closer and you’ve hired interns to manage 37 social media accounts. You’ve tried videos, blogging, PPC, SEO… and now your boss is demanding that you “make the next e-blast go viral.”

Swoop ‘N’ Poop

At first, saving time on “unecessary” status meetings and project updates seemed like a great idea. But now the boss wants to know where we are with the website. Oh, and by the way, there are a few ideas she’d like to share…

An illustrated green pteradactyl lays a devastating egg
An illustrated multi-headed monster dwarfs the city skyline

Design By Committee

You just wanted it to “pop” a little more and be a little more “dynamic.”  Maybe you even asked for a little input. Now, there are so many things going on with this design-by-committee, the only thing to do is RUN.

Ssssssscope Creep

Amazon’s army of full-time devs did it, so let’s make one like theirs. Only different. Should be easy, just use Facebook as an example. Oh yeah, and make sure it integrates with our calendar app and loads on the CEO’s flip phone.

A giant illustrated green snake tears through a building.

We’re in this together.

We want YOU to be the hero when facing these huge monsters of web deisgn, but we’re here to help. We’ve seen these villains before, and we are ready to help you fight even your gnarliest digital monsters.

let's do this
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